Thursday, 26 March 2009

Spring at Last

Apologies for the pictures being all over the place - still practicing ! I'm sure there must be a way of labelling them but I haven't found it yet. All the above were taken in Bedfords Park between 16th and 18th March 2009.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Work Day - Sunday 8th March 2009

This work day we started by cutting back the hawthorn by the dipping platform to enable work to be carried out on its repair and extension to it. We then attempted to clear the ditch towards Lower Bedfords Road so that the water could drain away faster but the drain under the track is blocked. If the council haven't cleared it we may have a go at clearing it next time.

We also marked out, with arrows fixed to the trees and logs, the path that we have created over the last year or so. It is off the track (to the left) between the damselfly pond and the main (cow pond) lake. This path passes two other ponds which cannot be seen from the main track and it meanders through the woodland and comes out to the south of the cow pond.

We then cleared an old overgrown path to the north east of the cow pond.

After lunch we did a 'litter pick' at the bottom of the hill by Spring Wood. This area was in a disgusting state after the snow in early February. As well as the usual plastic bottles and bags there were loads of plastic 'for sale' type signs and various other plastic objects used as toboggans. There were also two car bonnets that had been used for a similar purpose. We were quite amazed that all of this 'rubbish' had been there for over a month ! We got soaked doing this as the heavens opened and the wind got extremely blustery.

Our next meeting is on sunday 12th April which is also Easter Sunday. There will be various events taking place on that day including wild flower walks. Please try to come.

Below are a few pics from the day ............. as you can see, nice and sunny to start with !

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


We will be meeting up in the visitors' centre for 10 am(ish) start on Sunday 8th March. Hopefully the ground will be a bit drier this time.

Hope to see you there.