Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mellow Mists and Autumn Fruitfullness - Sunday 18th October

Essex Wildlife Trust held an Wild Autumn Event on Sunday 18th October with various 'stalls', bottles of apple juice, apples, pears, and pumpkins on sale.

Carol and Lois 'manned' a couple of tables, one with 'bric a brac' and home made cakes (courtesy of Carol) and the other with an Autumnal theme, including various 'fruits' from the park as part of a quiz.

In total over £55 was raised for the 'Friends'.

Many thanks to Carol and Lois for organising, baking, and manning the tables.

October Work Day - Update

Sunday 11th - in the morning we split into two groups - one did a litter pick between the visitors' centre and the 'cow pond'. The second group removed some common reed (phragmites australis) from a local pond and planted them in the south eastern corner of the 'cow pond'. These reeds will grow and spread and provide an additional wildlife habitat, in partcular for nesting warblers. These reeds were moved after consultation with a local botanist and LBH.

On the way to collect the reeds, 3 sacks of rubbish was collected from a 'camp site' on foxes hill. This rubbish was mainly made up of beer cans, wine bottles, AA batteries and exploded aerosol cans! Bonfires had also been lit.

We all met up at the cow pond and continued litter picking on our way back to the visitors' centre.

After a late lunch went on a walk around the wildflower meadow and valley marsh. These areas were pretty much litter free.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Our AGM is in the town hall on Thursday 22nd October @ 7.30 pm. As this is our AGM please try to attend, thanks.

October Work Day

Yes it's that time again - sunday 11th October is the date of our October work day. Look forward to seeing you there. Let's hope the rain stops by then !