Saturday, 5 January 2013

Work day Sunday 11th November 2012

Welcome back! Many apologies for the lack of information for the last few months. We have been having our usual monthly meetings at the park. Various jobs have been done: more steps added in our new woodland path. Rogue oak saplings in the process of being removed from the meadow area. This is an ongoing problem and their removal will continue for some time to come. Litter picking is done at every meeting. Fence repairs around the lake where it had been damaged, and burnt !

This work day we had several jobs lined up, all of which we managed to complete. They were: to repair the dipping platform which had been burnt by a bbq, or similar. This meant it was dangerous to use. Below is a picture of the repairs being carried out and also the two pieces that were damaged. We also made part of our woodland path safer for walkers, as due to the very wet weather it was becoming very slippery, especially where a fallen tree trunk has to be negotiated. 'Ground guard' and hoggin was put down to improve the surface grip. Willows were planted at the south east end of the lake which will eventually improve the habitat for nature in this area. The small stream leading into the lake was also cleared of overgrown grass etc to allow water to flow more freely into the lake We then moved on to the meadow to remove more oak saplings. Whilst we were doing all of these tasks two of our volunteers were moving relentlessly around the park litter picking.