Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Update, at last !

Since the last post in July we have held a meeting each month. As well as monthly litter picks we have been busy clearing footpaths, removing large logs and branches from the dipping pond (damselfly pond), We have now 'pinned down' the large logs to make it more difficult for them to be rolled into the water. Some fencing was repaired to the east of the main pond that had been damaged, probably by being climbed over. We've covered a bridge along the main bridleway, down near Lower Bedfords Road, with chicken wire as it was getting a bit slippery.

We've also been involved with 2 EWT events, Apple Day in October and their Christmas event. We had a table at each and sold cakes to raise much needed funds. We have to pay our own insurance and the money raised covers this cost for us.