Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Work Day Sunday 13th July 2009

Yet another sunny day. In the morning we 'pruned' some Giant Knot Weed by the walled garden so that it can be treated with herbicide by the council when it starts to regrow. The arisings were bagged up for safe disposal by the council.
In the afternoon we cleared some of the paths around a couple of the ponds to the south of the park near Lower Bedfords Road. These paths were initially cleared by us about three of years ago. Although they are used by some dog walkers there is not enough 'traffic' to keep them completely clear. One of the ponds was completely covered in duckweed whilst the other was clear of it. On the latter there was a female Mallard and 8 ducklings, two of which had a definate yellow colour about them. The other 6 were all 'normal'.
We also collected various items of 'litter' while we were walking around.

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