Monday, 10 August 2009

August 9th work Day - Update

Yet another fine sunny day. This sunday we finished clearing the path that we opened up a couple of years ago that comes out between the lake (or cow pond as it is also known) and Lower Bedfords Road. We also did a litter pick around the cow pond. There wasn't too much litter this time - just one bag full. One of our group also retrieved a 'lifebuoy' from the lake and put it back in it's holder. I wonder how long it will be there for ?

After lunch we did a bit of tidying up along the footpath in Larch Wood between marker posts 4 and 6. As well as some cutting back we replaced some of the logs marking out the path as some had become overgrown and some had been moved from their orginal position. This footpath is clearly marked on the new 'Trail Guide' which is on sale in the Visitors' Centre for 75 pence.

Whilst working in Larch Wood we heard the usual motorbikes roaring around to the south of us. We didn't see them though.

Apart from the bikes in the afternoon, it was a very nice day in the park and we were extremely pleased to see some large groups of families having picnics.

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Daniel Bridge said...

Thanks for clearing the path in Larch Wood, which as Colin reminded me, was made on the very first FOBP work party 5 years ago! Much appreciated, as is the plug for the all-new, all-singing, all-colour Trail Guide. ;-)