Monday, 21 September 2009

Sunday 20th September work party update

In the morning we made our way down from the visitors' centre to the 'cow pond', litter picking all the way. The usual crisp packets, drinks cans and bottles. Strangely we didn't find them very heavy so cannot understand what's so difficult about people taking them home with them, or at least putting them in a litter bin ! We then litter picked around the pond which wasn't too bad this time. The 'anglers' are still leaving rubbish and fishing line, which as well as being unsightly can also pose a risk to wildlife. All together we collected about 4 bags full, plus a large plastic groundsheet.

We spent the afternoon cutting the oak saplings, to the south of the visitors' centre, to ground level
as these are not wanted there and it will make it easier for the council parks team to cut the grass.

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