Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Work Party Sunday 9th May 2010 - report

The dipping platform before ....................

And after

We had our first task determined for us by nature as a large hawthorn tree had 'fallen over' a week before onto part of the dipping platform. Fortunately no pond dipping was planned. we removed as little as we needed to enable access to the platform once again. The tree was still alive so it should carry on growing even though it is on it's side .The 'prunings' were used to reinforce the 'dead hedge' by the bridleway.

Our second task was to clear the ditch along the bridleway. It had become clogged up with dead leaves, branches and rocks/bricks. This was the sort of work we like - getting wet and muddy, and in this case, smelly as well. In addition one of our team carried on with our last month's task of removing saplings from the meadow.

Men at work ....................

and, men at play - if their kids did this they'd get a telling off !

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