Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Birds spotted recently in the park

The following info is from one of our volunteers who is also a keen 'birder' -

I have been giving the park good coverage over the past week (22nd, 23rd, 27th and 28th November). I found a Firecrest in Nursery Wood on 22nd but only obtained poor views on this and next day. Fortunately the bird showed better over the weekend, accompanied by a second bird as well (in the area between EWT car park & bridleway/Nursery). Also many more Goldcrests in the park compared to last year - about 10 in the above area and probably 20 over the whole park (peak count of 5 in the park last winter).
Other recent records of interest include (all November):

Mandarin - A drake standing on the ice with 3 Mallard at dusk on 28th (lake completely iced over).
Little Egret - Lake, 18th and 20th.
Woodcock - 2 over Wildflower Meadow on 23rd.
Little Owl - Wildflower Meadow, 28th.
Meadow Pipit - 14 near Lake on 23rd.
Redwing - 15+ EWT car park on 28th.
Corvid roost estimate on 28th - approx 300 Jackdaw, 150 Rook, 150 Carrion Crow (Deer Park).
Brambling - A female with c35 Chaffinches in Wildflower Meadow, 22nd (but no sign of flock since).
Siskin - 30 feeding in alder near bridleway, 20th.
Lesser Redpoll - Up to 15 at least - usually feeding in birches (since mid-Nov).
Bullfinch - 2 males Damselfly Pond, 28th.
Yellowhammer - singles on 20th and 23rd.

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