Thursday, 1 September 2011

'Fishermen' Damage Our Park

Many apologies for not updating the blog for a few months.

We've recently had instances of so called fishermen camping by the lake. They've torn down and burnt a length of chestnut paling fence that 'The Friends' put up a few months ago to protect the wildlife along one side of the lake. Yesterday (31st August) the remains of yet another fire were found together with an old 'duvet' which had been thrown on top of it and lots of drinks cans. This time branches had been broken off to be burnt. The cans have been cleared up by a good friend of the park. The Parks Protection Service have visited the park at least twice during the last week and have apprehended several of these so called 'fishermen'. CAMPING in the park is NOT ALLOWED, as are FIRES.

I hope to have some updates and photos soon ...............

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mahesh said...

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