Friday, 13 September 2013

Work party Sunday 8th September 2013

About time!" did I hear you say? Many apologies for the lack of information posted. No real excuses. Will try to do better.

During the year we've been repairing fencing, litter picking, attempting to keep paths clear, repairing dipping platform, planting saplings and hedging etc. etc.

Today we've been weeding,and mulching, one of the recently planted areas near the Essex Wildlife Visitors' Center which we, together with local Scouts, planted with native shrubs.

This Sunday we had help from 'The Challenge Network' ( who run youth and community programmes that have the central aim of mixing diverse groups of people with each other. Not only did they help us with the weeding and mulching they also helped in the Walled Kitchen Garden.

We also did an inspection of the 'Round Pond' which has, thanks to all the rain, turned back from a 'bomb crater' into a pond once again. We plan to put a seat, for the use of the public, near to the pond using the money we were granted from Havering Council for successfully retaining our 'Official Friends Group' status with the Council once again.

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