Friday, 21 February 2014

February 9th 2014 Work Day

This work day, just for a change' we decided to continue mulching the areas near to the visitors' center and, at last, we've used up all the mulch! We also carried out our usual litter pick. The litter we collected this time included a TV which was dumped in the visitors' center car park, a printer, a bag of plastic toys and a box of drinking glasses. These were all dumped by the recyclable bins in the main car park. Why ??? The glasses fitted in the glass container anyway so we did what someone else couldn't be bothered to do. Some of the toys were taken to a local charity shop. The Council (that's you and me) will have the expense of disposing of the tv and printer. The rest of the rubbish was the usual sweet wrappers, plastic drinks bottles, plastic bags, drinks cans etc etc. Most of this could have been taken home, or at least put in the bins provided. Never mind, we really look forward to picking up other peoples rubbish every month.

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